Author Topic: Wed NRA Virtual Rally!!  (Read 3432 times)

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Wed NRA Virtual Rally!!
« on: May 22, 2007, 12:03:23 AM »
CALIFORNIANS: Please light up your phone trees, email lists and forums and get as many to participate this Wednesday, May 23rd, as possible.  Thursday will be too late to help with the Virtual Rally!
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Every now and then we run into "grumblers" - we've all heard them - "Why doesn't NRA do [whatever]?"  In my experince, most of the time such folks are frustrated but well-meaning and really don't know what NRA does or doesn't do.  Here's a great chance to put some positive action in front of them.

This is the kind of event that can really wake up new activists too.  The more you promote, the more new gunnies you'll "shake" into action, I bet.

So please tell all you know - print and make copies of the above CAL-ERT and take them out with you.  To the gun store or gun show if you go today - or to your gun range this weekend (this morning!).  LET'S MAKE THIS WORK!!

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Mike Haas
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"The problem with ‘post-modern’ society is there are too many people with nothing meaningful to do, building ‘careers’ around controlling the lives of others and generally making social nuisances of themselves. They justify their meddling by discovering social ‘problems’ and getting the media to mag