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Shotguns / Remington 1100 done in Texas tactical
« on: November 27, 2015, 11:03:01 AM »

I found a nice, little-used Remington 1100 made in the early 1980s wearing a 22" smoothbore, rifle-sights slug barrel. A short time later I stumbled upon a you tube vid posted by a Texas 3-gun champ who used a wood-furniture 1100 against competition shouldering black, tactical shotguns. His only modifications were simple ones, supporting what is fundamentally a great semiauto design. I liked what I saw and decided to use most of his mods, except the side saddle, on mine. I'd rather try double-loading from a belt clip...

The changes I made are a combat bolt handle, a Dave's Metal Works "Easy Loader" (which requires a wee bit O' smithin' to install properly) and a Remington 2-shot magazine extension. I like to call it "Texas tactical". Yeehaw...

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