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Anyone have or like these guns?  I have an Arisaka type 99 7.7, came with bayonet and a crysanthemum crest with only a tiny nick in it, only $165 in 2005. 

I'd really like a 6.5 example.  Recoil is mild and guns like this are fun to shoot.  These guns ahe started to get a bit more respect and command more $. 

I'd get a Nambu for fun if the price was right, the baby Nambu is expensive and in a strange 7mm caliber too. 

I have seen these and thought about it. I would belive that the demand for these is going to increase. I am not in a Curio and Relic mood now however. If I had a bigger place and lived alone, I would probably get into it so I could have a living room with Curio and Relic hanging on the walls. I think that would be cool.

Will this be the 13th thread that nobody cares about?


--- Quote from: AR15barrels on October 22, 2008, 03:27:56 PM ---Will this be the 13th thread that nobody cares about?

--- End quote ---

There is people on .net and .org that like some of the stuff I've posted about including Japanese milsurp so you just go away :D

Am actively looking for an Arisaka -


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