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French MAS 44 and 36

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Here they are - They are both in excellent condition - All matching numbers - The 44 has CAI import markings on the barrel - The 36 is pre-war - Still learning about them -

Neat, my MAS36 is post war with a serial # of P225!

This is awesome -


--- Quote from: saigon1965 on November 14, 2008, 09:38:34 AM ---This is awesome -

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Quite interesting and neat if it is authentic, I have never seen something quite like that, most bringback items from there seem to usually be Tokarev pistols, SKS's, and Chinese Type 53 Mosin Nagants. 

SAigon has been making me more interested in French stuff lately, I am real pissed I missed that $100 Lebel 1886 recently and I want a MAC 50 also among other things. Getting OT, but the movie The Lover set in Indochina/Vietnam is quite good. 

3 of the medals in the case my dad recognized is from the former Rebuplic of Vietnam - He also recogized the signature of the general on the award certificate -


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