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Sporterized 8mm Turkish Mauser for sale


Combat-proven bolt action 8mm Mauser rifle, ATI composite stock with integrated scope rail, heavy duty scope rings, adjustable magnification (3-9x50mm) scope with two color illuminated reticle, two segment spring loaded heavy duty bipod. Also including a plastic hard case for the rifle too.

I ran a hundred rounds thru this rifle. the 8mm isn't a tame shell. It's still doing over Mach 1 a hundred yards out, with more muzzle energy than a .308. Kicks like a mule, especially with the lighter stock. My shoulder was too beat up by the end of the day for this to be a "fun" rifle. And since I don't hunt, I've got no real use for it.

I still have the original furniture and sights but they're not in the best condition. They'll be included if they're wanted.

Asking $350 (that's essentially all the hardware and mods, with a "free rifle!) or best offer. Will also consider a straight across trade for good condition Ruger 10/22 *Magnum* or a very good good condition Ruger 10/22 standard and some cash, depending on rifle condition.

I know it technically falls under C&R rules but since I had to transfer this thing when I bought it, I'd prefer to do the same. Targetmaster's in Milpitas is a good choice, or Reeds in San Jose (more expensive). Buyer responsible for transfer fees, etc.

Pics available for serious interested parties only.


there's nothing in my inbox.

Rifle was sold months ago, anyways.

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