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Nov 2015 C&R roll call

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Looks like the last post in here was 2/4/12. Since we are in the great Calguns.Net outage of 2015 I thought I would turn the lights on in here...

Anyone else in the room???

Thanks for turning the lights on. I wish you would have started dusting though.

Vlad II:
Leave the dust, this is the C&R forum!

Wouldnt mind a time machine trip back to 2/4/12

Cash n Carry C&Rs , no COE,  no long gun registration, cheap mosins, cheap spam cans, SSEs, mag kits, all the cheap 22 you could ever want


a reprise from January on the .Net

Springfield Armory bookends-

-1896 Krag, made in 1897

-M1 Garand, 6 million s/n made in 1956

Barney, did you break the forum?


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