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Nov 2015 C&R roll call

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--- Quote from: Capybara on November 28, 2015, 12:46:13 PM ---I know what it is. Hint: it's not a firearm, CSA posted it in the .net forum.

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I assume from the construction it is some type of antique air rifle, but I'd still like to know what it is, and how it is charged.

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Webley and Scott Mk I.

early break barrel springer from the '20's


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--- Quote from: Enfield47 on November 27, 2015, 09:16:45 PM ---I would field strip the Garand and replace the op rod spring with one from GarandGear or Orion7 (same spring from both vendors). Thoroughly clean and grease it and try again. Don't use too much grease, if you can see it, it's too much.

What enbloc clips are you using? Some are known to have problems.

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They are both stamped "CMP 3"

The thing is, the first 16 rounds that were pre loaded by the seller all fired without incident. Is it possible I messed something up when I loaded the rounds into the clip and then the clip into the rifle?

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the CMP clips are for sure the ones the seller pre-loaded? they have a mixed reputation.

when loading clips, I put 7 cartridges in and then rock them up and down while pushing them in to fully seat. the case heads should be touching the rearmost part of the clip. and I always arrange so the top round is on the right.

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Yes, those are the only two I have. I'll do a field strip clean/lube and take it out to the range on Monday and see how it reacts

It's a welbey and scott service rifle (MKI) with acid etched writing. Only the first 500 or so of the 1500 made had acid etching and there are only three known to exist with all acid etching present. Mine has most of the writing present and could bring over $2000 at auction in the UK. I'm betting that it is the only one in the states.

Yes, there is a capsule of ammo for the 2mm pinfires is in the picture.


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