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Nov 2015 C&R roll call

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--- Quote from: TRAP55 on November 24, 2015, 04:23:34 PM ---Barney, did you break the forum?

--- End quote ---

TRAP55, looks I did a bang up job...  ;D

Great, I finally get 5 minutes to check the forum and read a PM, and it's down cause you broke it! >:(
From the facebook page, it looks like the database is intact, but everything that can access it, is toast. That's going to put a hurt on someone's Xmas funds.

*pokes head around corner*
How's everybody doin'?

Ha I finally made it in! It's so lonely in the C&R room, just the echo I hear from saying "hello!"

I hope they are able to get everything back up and running soon. It will be a long Thanksgiving weekend with no Calguns.

Found .org this AM but had to go to Cardiac Rehab in Carson City, snowing in Tahoe, roads are a MESS and there 1000's of people coming into town. Sunday will be the cheapest entertainment in town watching the traffic cameras and everybody trying to leave at once, can't wait til Monday!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all that make it over here!!!!!


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