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Long distance goat

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The first hunting post in about 6 years.

While I was in New Zealand last week, some of the guys were shooting at goats across the canyon.  The white spot in the middle of the photo below is a cliff face at 882 meters (946 yards).

This is a white goat next to the cliff face at 58X magnification.  Unfortunately when it was hit it rolled down behind the trees to the left, so I didn't get a good after shot photo.

It was hit with a suppressed 308 Win and the 175 grain Lapua Scenar.

Very cool! I would love to do some long range invasive species clean up in NZ.

The thread title made me think it would be about an ISIS fighter using FaceTime with his loved one back home.

So not Kommieforina.

As an aside Daughter is going to study for a semester In NZ.

Nice shooting!


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