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Ever bought a gun at a combination/ non traditional shop?

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I have bought more than one from Pawn shops.

NorcalEnthusiast (NCE):
I have bought and also transfered a few at pawn shops.  I used to use a pawn shop in Roseville to get all my cool Makarovs, etc...  I bought a POS Walther P22 at a Bait and Tackle shop once :)  I remember browsing AR-15's etc... back in the good ole days at BIG R Ranch and Home, but never bought anything.  Bought a few at BIG 5 too.

anybody remember BENO'S

i used to go to Pixley Auto Parts, they had a huge selection in the back

Several,  I'm old enough to have known the world pre GCA 68.  And pre 1991 DROS crap.

I used to buy rifles at Woolworth's five n dime.  Pistols from Montgomery Wards and Sears.  There is still a Western Auto Store on Atlantic Ave, in Bell, that is also a gunshop.


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