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Convince me that I should do this - I don't shoot with any frequency. For instance, this year I've been out shooting only on 4 different occasions. Used about 1k each of 9, .45 and 2k .223. That's with letting friends shooting also.

So why should I reload?

You probably should not then though Randall appears to be the resident reloading authority. 

Many say that reloading does not save $, you just end up shooting more. 

I have been into shooting for as long as Randall probably but I have never relaoded much.  He shoots competitions and goes to the range more though I'd say.  I just like to accumulate guns, many I have not shot in years!

I know an FFL or two that only owns like 10 guns or does not even really like guns or has shot 1-2 time since last 5-10 years. 


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