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Black Friday Deals

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I saw that Kest setup a Black Friday thread for vendors, but I'm hoping to not miss out on the great deals that other calgunners find as we approach Black Friday.  So I'm hoping that we can post the best deals we see out there in this thread until .net is back up again. 

I sold some stuff so i can get an xbox one, but then my kindness ruined it and instead buying my brother a clam for his salt water tank..... bastards arent cheap!

Started in this thread earlier.


Thanks.  I'll follow the other thread. 

40 Remington express rifle 168g match (blem)
200 American Eagle 168g otm (m1a)
100 Pmc Bronze 147g
100 PPU 145g
300 Perfecta 147g
620 Guardian 147g
480 Hirtenberger 147g


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