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Ethicall question about marketplace

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So the morning before the outage started a few days ago I posted an "I'll take it" followed by PM's on a couple items in a couple threads in the marketplace. All parts, no whole guns. Anyway the site has been down now like three day and things are not looking good as far as when it may actually be up again.  At this point would it be a dick move to forget those deals and move on? More to the point I am moving on because I want to take advantage of the black Friday deals so I can get at least some kind of discount on the parts. The marketplace, and whole .org forum really is kind of a joke and no real business is being conducted anyway.

Ask yourself this: If you were the seller with everything else being equal, how would you feel if the buyer who contacted you saying "I'll take it" never contacting you again after the site comes back online?

I have every intention of contacting them when and if the site comes back up just to let them know I'm out. None of them responded to my "I'll take it" post and I posted them maybe 10 hours before the shut down. For all I know it could be days or weeks or longer to get the site up. I need my parts, I have plans. Not to mention their is no guarantee that the site will even recover fully. We could be looking at tons of data loss. Based on what is being posted in the shut down thread things don't look great for a full recovery.

I personally wouldn't have a problem with someone pulling their offer. Since we never came to any kind of terms or even exchanged PM's.

I personally wouldn't have an issue with it if I was a seller. Sometimes you want something now, and if circumstances outside your control prevent you from getting it when you needed it, it's understandable to move on. I didn't have any pending offers before the site went down, but if I did, I'd fully understand if the site went back online soon and I got a PM that said "sorry, I didn't know if/when the site would ever come back online, so I went with another option instead, sorry". Just make sure you send them a PM that says something to that effect, any decent seller will understand I think.

I was wondering this also. I would think, at least from my point of view, is that folks need to be flexible, since this is an extraordinary situation.

I don't think you can get an it iTrader nick for that. If the guy isn't over here, not much you can do...



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