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Info rec'd from Sacto CCW dept. re legislative change - fyi - with my ques.


 (23 hours ago)

Sacramento Sheriff's Department
Concealed Weapons

Attention CCW Permit Applicant/Holder (my name):

You are receiving this correspondence to advise you of a recent legislative change that directly impacts your CCW privilege in Sacramento County. With the recent passage of SB 707, it is no longer permissible (even as a CCW holder) to be in possession of one’s firearm on school property. The preamble to the bill (authored by the bill’s sponsor) reads as follows: “This bill would allow a person holding a valid license to carry a concealed firearm, and a retired peace officer authorized to carry a concealed or loaded firearm, to carry a firearm in an area that is within 1,000 feet of, but not on the grounds of, a public or private school providing instruction in kindergarten or grades 1 through 12.”

According to the text of the statute a CCW holder who crosses the boundary onto the school property even with a lawfully possessed firearm would be in violation. While not entirely convenient, the best solution for CCW holders is to drop off their child off of school property or to unload their firearm and store it in a locked container of the vehicle trunk before they enter school property, pursuant to PC 629.9(c)(2).

Sacramento County Sheriff's Office CCW


My question: I applied for CCW about 25 days ago and have not heard back about approval of my application for CCW.  Why would they send me this to me?

They sent it to everyone in the system. It says right in the email. Anyone who has an open application or an issued CCW got it. The only people who didn't get it are people that have already been denied from last month and before.

--- Quote ---Attention CCW Permit Applicant/Holder (my name):
--- End quote ---

I got the same email last night. I was really bummed because I am expecting my email telling me that  my livescan is complete and that I can now issue but this wasn't it. As soon as it popped up on my phone and I saw who the sender was I was ready to do a cartwheel. Than I read it and came down pretty quick. I'm at day 48 since doing my livescan. Maybe I'll get lucky and get the email before Christmas, but I'm not holding  my breath.


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