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Market Value PPQ M1

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Saw them going for $1,000+ on Calguns


Considering the number of mags, and if it truly does just have 50 rounds through it, somewhere in the $725 range is probably fair top-dollar considering that it's a CA gun.  The way I came up with that number is to add up the various cost items:  $575 average price new, shipped + $100 SSE (the original buyer had to pay that) + $50 for 2 extra mags.  Some minuses are that it's not NIB and that's always a wildcard, some pluses that cancel out the minuses are that it can be bought here in CA.  Some might pay a bit more if they like the paddle mag release, and like the fact that more P99 mags are available for it.  Some might not like the paddle mag release.

For sure $850. Maybe more with the extra mags.


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