Author Topic: Astra 300/400/600 anyone?  (Read 2860 times)

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Astra 300/400/600 anyone?
« on: October 27, 2008, 02:52:33 AM »
Anyone like or own these unconventional appearing blowback autos?  I have 2x Astra 600's and 2x Astra 400's.  The Astra 400's were acquired the last two years for about $100 each.  Thought these guns would be junky possibly.

Wrong.they are well made and very accurate, supposedly they have a very tolerent chamber and can fire many different 9mm cartridges but I have only tried mild .38super with some success. Mine are marked 9mm/.38 meaning the .38ACP cartridge is ok to use, identical to .38super but loaded mild. 

Astra 600's 9x19's were acquired since 2005, one costing $160, the other $220.  All of these guns in this series were used by the Nazis as well, some were so marked, in the case of the 400's only the serial number range identifies them(they go for a premium)

These guns generally are quite accurate and even feed jhp usually.  I also once had a Astra 300 .380acp with Nazi markings the seller did not notice.  $300 in 2007 with two mags and a box of Super Vel ammo.

The gun had some idiot marks where someone tried to use pliers to disassemble the barrel collar.  I sold gun at auction for around $600. 
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